CZP Exclusive – BDE Billet Transmission Mounts for the R35 GT-R!

When we pulled down the transmission for our shop’s GT-R to have it built, we decided we wanted to replace the aging stock bushings. But we weren’t happy with anything on the market really. So, since BDE has had such an excellent track record with similar products, we decided to commission these parts from them! We’ve been running BDE’s motor mounts and other products for years, so it was an extremely easy decision for us to make.

The GT-R’s motor mounts are the same as the 370Z, so that was easy and we already had those. For the transmission mounts, we sent off a set of fronts and rears to BDE for them to take measurements and build specs on.

You can probably see why we wanted to replace the nasty old stock units. And this is on a 2011!

Installation was fairly straightforward. The entire GR6 transaxle assembly is pretty big and cumbersome, so we decided to basically assemble everything on a pallet.

The GT-R’s subframe and cross beam laid out with the new BDE mounts loosely installed.

The mounts themselves were installed fairly loosely. With 6 points (the 4 BDE mounts + the two round bushings at the rear of the subframe), this was necessary to make sure everything could be installed and assembled.

Only BDE could make mounts look this good.


Rear mounts ready to go.

The next step was to unbox a freshly rebuilt Sheptrans Stage 3 transmission, capable of supporting 950 ft-lbs and drop it in.

Transmission landed!

We fiddled with the position of a couple of mounts and snugged everything down.

All in place


Mounts all lined up

The next step is to get this thing back on the street, but there’s a long road ahead for this car! Of course, we wouldn’t be showing off these mounts if they weren’t available to everyone, so you can check them out on our website here:


Nick Letsom

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