ZCON 2021 Colorado Springs

ZCON was in Colorado Springs this year, and I flew out and met our driver Brett, who trailered the CZP 370Z track car up to Colorado to participate in the events. I was excited not only to get out of the office and go see some awesome cars, but because it was rumored that Nissan would be bringing the new Z out to the show after the unveiling at the New York Auto Show.

The New York Auto Show was then canceled at the last second this year, and so the Nissan Z was unveiled for the first time to the public at Pikes Peak International Raceway during the ZCON 2021 autocross and drift events. It led the parade lap of the high speed loop, and starred in the group photo of the event that day. Nissan then brought the Z out to the ZCON People’s Choice Car Show the next day, where they opened up the hood for people to see the VR30DDTT engine. It was shrouded in plastic, but at least it did have a strut bar and Nissan badges this time. They also opened up the doors and hatch so we were also able to see the nice color matched interior, the three pedals, new shift knob, and the huge all digital dash.

It was an amazing time driving on the track at High Plains Raceway, seeing a ton of awesome cars, and getting to meet a bunch of amazing Z enthusiasts and chatting about their cars and the new generation Z. I took a ton of pictures of the events I was able to go to. So if you want to see what it was like at ZCON 2021 take a look below, and I hope to see you at the next ZCON!

Josh Barlow