CZP 370Z at Chuckwalla!!

If you read our older post about our in-house track car, you might be interested to know the car is done and has started hitting the track! We’re lucky to have an extremely talented driver behind the wheel of our 370Z; Brett Lengel put the car through its paces at Chuckwalla this weekend and got some great video with telemetry data!

The car will be back in Phoenix and at Wild Horse Pass Raceway (East Track) for a NASA Event on March 5-6th. Stay tuned!

Nick Letsom


    • Yep, bone stock transmission with a Southbend SS-TZ clutch. However, I believe Brett turns off Syncrho RevMatch and just does it manually.

      • I found it terribly difficult to heel-toe with the rev-match shut off in the 370z. The engine seems too delayed while not in S-mode. I’m sure it’s different when the car is fully tuned, which I assume this one is.

  1. I did use the oem rev match. I can’t beat it. It’s perfect every time. I don’t have any problem with heel-toe in 350Zs or 370Zs. But the rev match ensures a perfect downshift with no engine braking. This allows a driver to get away with a slightly later downshift as you’re entering a turn with trail braking.

  2. Noticed you’re using the BC coil overs…are you using a true-type or OEM spring location and why did you choose the BC’s? What do you like about them?

    • They’re currently OEM-style, we got a good price on them and we sell a lot so we wanted to see how they do. I’ll let Brett speak for how they feel on the track, but we’re likely going to switch to a true style from a different brand here soon.

  3. Even at the softest setting on the dampers, the car feels really stiff. It should work great for drift. There might be more to it than just the springs and dampers.

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