BDE Billet Motor Mounts

We’ve sold BDE Motor Mounts for a while for the 300ZX, and always had really great luck with them. I actually put a set in my Z32 back in 2012! The attention to detail and attentiveness to quality Brett puts into his products is just on a completely different level compared to most manufactures, and it really shows. Extreme care is put into everything from the material, the grade of the hardware, to how it’s assembled. 

We Z32 owners have been lucky to have BDE’s Billet Motor Mounts on the market for a while now, not to mention the Low-Profile Motor Mounts for use with bigger turbos and inlet piping. I’m not a fan of solid mounts at all, as they unnecessarily transfer NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) from the engine to the chassis while offering little to no actual performance benefit over a well-designed compliant mount (rubber or otherwise). The stock mounts are hydraulic, and their design means they require the engine’s weight to stiffen up. Picture the stock motor mounts as physical metal springs. Sure, they’d be nice and stiff when you dropped an engine onto them, but as soon as that engine moved, there would be nothing holding it in place other than gravity. This is basically what the stock mounts are doing. The BDE mounts, however, have urethane (by Energy Suspension) bushings connecting both halves of the mount. While the OEM motor mounts will allow the engine to “lift up” on the mount as torque twists it to one side, the BDE mounts will prevent the engine from “pulling” one side up as much as they prevent the other side from pushing down. This means torque is transmitted more directly through the drivetrain, rather than lost in the slop of the motor mounts.

Did you get all that? If none of that matters to you, keep in mind that the BDE mounts are roughly the same price as the OEM Z32 mounts, and roughly half the price of the OEM Z33/V35 mounts! Any way, the Z33 guys haven’t been so lucky as of yet. There have been a few solutions on the market, but nothing that matched the quality and price point of the BDE mounts. So we commissioned the construction of similar billet mounts for the Z33, V35, as well as Z34 and C/V36 chassis, and I’m really excited to have them for sale exclusively at CZP!

Take a look at your motor mounts next time you’re under there and check for leaking (wet/oily residue). If you have a Z32, the stock motor mounts will probably tear in half when you pull the motor, anyway, but they’re definitely not immune to failure on newer cars, either!


Nick Letsom