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CZP OEM 120K Complete Timing Belt Kit - Nissan 300ZX 90-96 Z32

Manufacturers: Nissan / Infiniti / CZP
Product #13001-0XX12

$ 457 89
$ 363 00

Manufacturers: Nissan / Infiniti / CZP
Product #13001-0XX12
On Sale


$ 457 89
$ 363 00


The timing belt must be replaced every 60,000 miles or 4 years, and because of the importance of the components related to the timing belt system, Nissan recommends a complete "60,000 or 120,000 mile service." This kit gets you everything needed to perform this service.


  • Timing Belt, Gates or Nissan OEM
  • Timing Belt Tensioner, Standard or Nissan OEM
  • Water Pump, NPW or Nissan OEM
  • Coolant Bypass Hoses, CZP Silicone Coolant or Nissan OEM x2
  • Timing Belt Idler Pulleys, GMB or Nissan OEM x2
  • Nissan OEM Thermostat
  • Nissan OEM Variable Timing Control Springs x2
  • Nissan OEM Variable Timing Control O-rings x2
  • Nissan OEM Camshaft Seals x4
  • Nissan OEM Crankshaft Seal x1
  • Nissan OEM Crankshaft Sprocket

In addition to the parts Nissan recommends, our kits also include:

  • Nissan OEM Idler Pulley Studs/Washers/Nuts x2
  • Nissan OEM Water Pump Gasket
  • Nissan OEM Crankshaft Sprocket Spacers(F+R)


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