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CZP Rewards Points

Rewards Rebates

Certain items on our website will automatically earn you Rewards credit! These will be a fixed dollar amount designated on the product page, and some items will earn you hundreds of dollars in rewards credit! There are no hidden fees, you don't have to mail anything in, it all happens automatically. Rewards Rebates will be applied to your account once your order is shipped out and closed, which can then be used on any future purchase. Follow the link below to view all items on our website which earn you additional Rewards Rebates!

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Terms & Restrictions

  • Rewards Credit, Rewards Rebates, and Store Credit are all used interchangeably and follow the same rules and restrictions.
  • Rewards credit never expires from your CZP Account.
  • Rewards credit cannot be redeemed or exchanged for a cash payout or refund of any kind.
  • Rewards credit earned from a purchase is revoked if that purchase is returned.
  • Shipping fees do not contribute to Rewards credit.
  • If Rewards credit has been consumed prior to a purchase being returned, the amount used will be deducted from that return.
  • Items that have special Rewards Rebates will credit you their fixed dollar amount in Rewards, rather than the standard 1%.
  • Rewards Rebates cannot be applied to previous or pending orders. They are only valid on orders placed while the Rewards Rebates promotion is active.

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