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Jim Wolf Technology JWT L6SPD-SRRWD 350Z Z33 Transmission on SR20 RWD Engine Adapter Kit

Manufacturer: Jim Wolf Technology JWT
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The 350Z & Infiniti G came with a very strong 6-Speed transmission that is starting to show up more and more at the auto recyclers, making for a reasonably priced option for other high-powered Nissans. Unfortunately, it sports an integrated bell housing, making this conversion difficult at best. By scrounging an automatic tranny bell housing from an automatic that was fitted to the same motor you are adapting to, this adapter ties everything together. Either the 07+ 350Z Concentric Release Bearing or an aftermarket C.R.C. (Tilton) can be used. The no longer used VQ35 bell housing is cut away and the new adapter replaces the original front sealing cover. This adapter can mount a 6-Speed to an SR20 RWD engine. This adapter kit is designed to fit the 100mm input bearing. Use the additional JWT input bearing spacer ring ($30.00) which allows the adapter to be used with the later 95mm and 90mm sized input bearing 6-speed transmissions. Use L6SPD-SPR95 = spacer ring for 95mm and L6SPD-SPR90 = spacer ring for 90mm input bearing.


Our new Compatibility checking feature is still being updated and revised. If you have questions about vehicle fitment, please contact us.

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