Jacking Up The Z

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The Z can be a difficult car to get into the air, and being that it's so low, it's pretty much essential for doing anything that's under the car. This guide aims to help you get your car into the air safely and easily.

Thanks to ZHome for original pictures and info.

Tools and Parts

  • A 2-ton jack. Low profile jacks are highly preferred.
  • 2-ton jack stands.
  • 2x8" boards are extremely helpful.
  • Wheel chocks are also quite helpful.

With lowered Zs, low-profile jacks and the 2x8" boards are practically a requirement.

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Caution: Never get under the vehicle when it is supported only by the jack. Always use safety stands to support the frame when you get under the vehicle.


  1. Place your 2x8" boards in front of each wheel.
  2. Drive up onto the boards. This raises the car 2" into the air, which makes all the difference in the world!
  3. Roll your jack under the car so that the handle is positioned between the tire and the fender/front bumper.
  4. Position the jack head to meet with the front crossmember--this is the structural piece that crosses under the engine oil pan. NOT the radiator support--never lift the car from the radiator support!
  5. Before you start jacking it up, ensure the parking brake is in, the car is in gear, and just for good juju, position some wheel chocks around the rear wheels.
  6. Once the car is in the air, position your jack stands under the frame rails like so:
  7. Relieve tension from the jack. If you're only going to be working under the front, I tend to relieve a bit of tension from the jack, but leave it in position. If you're continuing on to the rear, slowly and carefully lower the jack, making sure the jack stands are seating flatly. Remove the jack and head to the rear.


  1. If the car is already raised in the front, proceed to the next step. If not, position chocks around the front wheels before continuing.
  2. Position the jack head under the rear differential and carefully raise it.
  3. Once the car is in the air enough, place the jack stands at the jack points in the rear--these are directly in front of the rear wheels.
    • Note: If you're jacking both the front and rear of the car up, make sure they are at even heights.
  4. Slowly lower the car onto the jackstands, making sure it lands evenly and without drama.

Pinch Welds

In emergency situations, the included jack (in the tool box) is decided to raise the Z from the pinch welds as illustrated on the jack. However, this should be avoided if possible as it will virtually guarantee damage to the pinch welds. Further, NEVER raise the pinch-weld area where the frame meets the front fender--this WILL cause damage.