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CZP Front Upper Shock Mount Gasket - Nissan 300ZX Z32

Manufacturer: CZP
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We remade the OEM Nissan shock mount gaskets using a higher quality material that is thicker, less prone to shrinkage and features an anti stick coating so maintenance is a breeze.

Stats for nerds:

  • Density, g/cc (lb/cu.ft): 0.82 (50) (min)
  • Compressibility, % (at 34.5MPa): 28-42
  • Recovery, %: 20 (min.)
  • Tensile Strength, AMS, MPa (psi): 6.9 (100) (min) if greater than 1.2mm gauge. Otherwise 8.62 (1250) (min)
  • Fluid Resistance, IMR903 Oil: 30% change in tensile strength (max), 7% change in thickness (max), 30-45% change in compressibility (max).
  • Fluid Resistance, Fuel B: 7% change in thickness (max), 25-50% change in weight (max)
  • Binder Type: Nitrile Butadiene


Our new Compatibility checking feature is still being updated and revised. If you have questions about vehicle fitment, please contact us.

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