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Rated 4.7/5 based on 11 customer reviews

Great kit, easy to install and well built. The adapter works as advertised and I'm happy with the performance upgrade. I will say that the throttle tends to hang open a bit more so the revs don't drop as fast between shifts, causing me to granny shift all over the place. I'm going to see if I can have my tuner work that out. Also for those wondering, no it is not required to use the coolant ports on the new throttle body, although if you really wanted to, I suppose it wouldn't be a bad idea.

Was going to order the NWP but I thought I’d give CZP 75mm throttle body a shot and let me tell you, This product works great! My butt dyno noticed a immediate difference.

Hitachi does not screw around with the quality of products they offer - the adapter kit that CZP provides too is sleek, and well designed. Extremely easy to install, and works great! If you're running this on the VQ35 platform, be sure to tune it to get the full benefit of the product.

Great quality product, I had one issue with the pigtail connector. But the great customer service, even with this covid stuff going on I was able to resolve quickly. I'm excited to hit the dyno and put this throttle body to work.

Ez install no problems

Seems to be what is described. Havent installed it yet gonna do it in the morning. Love the look of the czp spacer. Kinda mad I didnt get any like Hitachi or czp stickee..... But nice product

Easy install, not sure I feel the power gains yet though but it was straight forward. It would be nice if it came with caps to cap off the coolant lines though and an elbow to connect the coolant hoses together if not wanting to hook them the the throttle body

The throttle body adapter does not line up with the intake manifold. It's all bolts together though, keep in mind you have to bypass or delete the coolant lines going to the manifold and throttle body. Make sure to bleed coolant after, idle reset. Be gentle with the adapter plate when tightening.

Everything worked perfect the fitment was dead on. The pig tail was clean clicked right in no issues at all. The hardest part was getting the stock intake over the bigger throttle body but with the help of a plastic body panel removal tool got it on nice and snug. As far as performance it is more responsive and the car feels like it is breathing easier it really woke up my Z it just pulls and pulls especially in the mid range of RPMs. I'm glad my stock on crapped out on me.

- 2003 350z DE track tuned via LINK ECU - Throttle body definitely increases HP through the mid range and top end (by how much? I do not remember). However, throttle response is soooo slow in comparison to a similar size Bosch throttle body. Slight touch of the accelerator (with Bosch throttle body) and the throttle body almost instantaneously opens up and launches you quick. With this throttle body, it takes awhile for the throttle body to open up which hinders the low end and acceleration.

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