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Rated 4.8/5 based on 4 customer reviews

I installed them 3 days ago in my q50 and man.... What a difference they make, the car feels meaner and more responsive, yes to address the negative part they vibrate at iddle but is not too bad, I kinda got use to it already. They are a massive pain to install but 100% worth it, I don't think I'll have to replace them ever again

Installed these on a G37x and they fit. The car feels amazing from the power transfer when pressing the throttle, and also when going through curvy roads. You do get NVH which is to be accepted but at idle it is not all that bad just a little vibration as if you are getting a massage. When driving little to no vibration. Overall great product.

It has been a month since I installed them after building my VQ35HR. The power being transferred to the ground seems more noticeable than OEM motor mounts. Same goes with vibration inside the cabin at idle, but it is not too noticeable. I personally prefer having the car be more responsive, especially when driving 6MT, you just have to be the one driving and not let the car drive you. Therefore, these motor mounts will be left installed.

It looks great...they are definitely solidly built. I would only mark it down for the amount of increase in vibration throughout the powerband. Tends to create vibration noises throughout the rest of the car.

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