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Z1 Motorsports BA 2.5" Sidemount Intercooler Set - Nissan 300ZX 90-96 Z32

Manufacturer: Z1 Motorsports
Product # Z1-Z32-BAIC

$ 695 00

Manufacturer: Z1 Motorsports
Product # Z1-Z32-BAIC
Order soon, limited quantities available


$ 695 00


While the original Z1 SMIC kit has set the standard for years the market has reached new peaks and demanded more as higher limits of performance have become the standard. The demand for superior response, higher flow rates and the best cooling capabilities has been addressed.

Z1's new "BA" Side Mount Intercoolers are serious about cooling, with 15 rows of bar and plate cooling they are the largest available on the market.

Cast high flow end tanks are tig welded to our colossal 10"X8"X4.5" cores. Smooth transitions with ample end tank volume means tanks that aren't choked off to the core, resulting in a more even charge distribution to dissipate heat throughout the staggered fin core. The Z1 BIG SMIC's have over 60% more rows to flow than our standard Z1 SMIC's so we have implemented a slightly higher fin density to maximize cooling capacity without giving up flow. The more you are able to cool the intake charge coming from the turbos the more power you are going to make and the less likely you are to have problems with detonation. So not only is the Z1 2.5" piping and Big SMIC kit of benefit to performance but also to the safety and reliability of your power plant. You can make more power on our upgraded intercoolers and while actually making it easier on your engine and turbos. You will make more power at the same boost levels, but because your intake charge will be cooled more than it is with the stock ICs or inferior intercoolers on the market you can also turn up the boost higher while staying in the safe zone below where any detonation might occur.

These giant intercoolers install using stock hardware, and the factory ducts will fit just fine. While they are bolt on due to their sheer size they do require more work than our standard SMIC kit. Removal of the charcoal canister and modifying the turn signals will be required.


Our new Compatibility checking feature is still being updated and revised. If you have questions about vehicle fitment, please contact us.

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