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Revel VLS Water Temperature Gauge 52mm, 100°F to 300°F Digital OLED Display w/ Water Temperature Sensor & Mounting Kit

Manufacturer: Revel
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This is the Revel VLS Water Temperature Gauge. This gauge is a great option for those of you with vehicles that weren't equipped with a coolant temperature indicator, or for those of you with the OEM traditional style equipped indicator that utilizes a needle that moves up or down. Furthermore, a water temperature gauge makes for a great tool for those who participate in track events to let the driver know if they need to do more to their vehicle to improve the cooling characteristics under high-performance driving conditions. This temperature gauge can read up to 300°F to let you know when things really start getting hot.

Revel gauges feature an Organic Light Emitting Diode which when compared to your typical LCD display, the OLED display provides a sharper contrast which results in a deeper black display to provide a more clear image that is more reader friendly at a quick glance. This technology also allows for undistorted viewing angles approaching 170 degrees. This technology also does not require a backlight to be clearly visible at night which also allows for a slim profile of the gauge.

This is a 52MM gauge that will come provided with a sensor, all of the required wiring for operation, along with a gauge cup, gauge hood, and miscellaneous hardware to make this gauge ready for installation.

  • Brand: REVEL VLS
  • Gauge Backlight Color: White
  • Gauge Face Color: Black
  • Gauge Range:100-300 F
  • Gauge Sending Unit: Electrical
  • Gauge Size: 52mm
  • Gauge Type: Coolant Tempurature
  • Requires Control Unit: No
  • Sensor Thread Pitch: 1/8NPT
  • Units: Imperial

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