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Radium Fuel Rail w/ CZP Return Kit System, VQ35DE VQ35HR - Nissan 350Z / Infiniti G35 Coupe

Manufacturers: CZP / Radium Engineering
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The CZP Fuel Return Kit is a complete fuel return solution to your boosted VQ35, where flexibility, reliability, and consistency are necessities. The stock fuel system on the 350Z and G35 is a "returnless" system, meaning fuel pressure is static and managed by a simple in-tank FPR. With the addition of high-volume fuel pumps, especially those needed on turbo or supercharged vehicles, fuel pressure can become unstable, or require sketchy modifications to the stock system, while still limiting fuel flow capabilities. Additionally, because the stock fuel system operates at a static pressure, it does not follow intake manifold pressure up with boost, meaning injector flow capacity quickly becomes severely limited, and fuel atomization is less than ideal.

Our return system comes with everything you need to convert the stock returnless system to a traditional cyclical fuel system, complete with a vacuum-referenced fuel pressure regulator and billet high-performance fuel rails from Radium Engineering. Once installed and properly tuned, this setup allows you to run a drastically higher volume fuel pump to support more power, ensures stable, consistent fuel pressure, better fuel atomization under boost, and greater flexibility/capacity with existing fuel injectors.


  • Radium Engineering VQ35 Billet Fuel Rails
  • Radium Engineering Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Radium Engineering FPR Mounting Kit
  • Radium Engineering Fuel Pressure Gauge
  • CZP Custom AN Fuel Engine Bay Fuel Line Kit
  • CZP Custom AN Fuel Return Line
  • CZP Fuel Regulator Elimination Kit
  • CZP Fuel Output Fitting
  • Replacement OEM Fuel Basket-to-Tank O-Ring
  • All Necessary Hardware & Brackets
  • Rivnut Installation Tool
  • OPTIONAL: OEM Fuel Dampeners w/ Radium Hardware

Compatible with most popular top-feed fuel injectors with 14mm O-rings and 48mm body length (Injector Dynamics, Bosch, etc). Fits Nissan 350Z (all years/models), and Infiniti G35 Coupe (all years). Does not fit G35 Sedan, G37, or 370Z. We recommend adding the optional fuel rail dampeners for street cars where smooth idle is important, especially with high flow injectors, or when paired with gerotor style fuel pumps (like the Walbro 255). Turbine style fuel pumps (like Deatschwerks) can often get away without dampeners.

Please note: Professional Installation Only! Installation will require re-tuning, as converting to a return system fundamentally changes the fuel injection behavior upon which the ECU is tuned.


If you have questions about vehicle fitment, please contact us.

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