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Racing Brake RB Slotted Front Rotor Disc Rings - OEM Replacement - Nissan GT-R 12+ R35

Manufacturer: Racing Brake RB
Product # 1503-03-311

$ 1,160 00
$ 995 00

Manufacturer: Racing Brake RB
Product # 1503-03-311
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$ 1,160 00
$ 995 00

Product not eligible for promotional or discount codes.


RB's rotor is made to 388x34 vs OE 390x33. RB's two-piece rotors are made to the exact diameter where the pad contacts the rotor to eliminate the rusty rotor lip that forms on the outer edge of the OE rotors. We have also increased thickness for better durability.

Material: Racing Formula Alloyed Gray Iron
Finish: Straight Slot Surface Treatment: EDP Coating w/cross cut grinding on brake pad contact area
Material: Alloyed iron formula adds strength
Design: The cooling vanes are of a convergent nozzle design, which increases airflow and turbulence and keeps discs cooler.

Other Differences:

The rotor is directional (with RB's convergent curved vanes) vs. OE's non-directional (pillar vanes):
-Better air circulation resulting cooler operating temperature.
RB iron rotors are alloyed iron vs. OE's regular iron:
-Stronger brake torque with lasting performance and more resistant to wear.
Disc surface (including the inner vanes) is coated with EDP vs. OE's plain surface:
-Prevent from undesirable rusting/corrosion therefore extends the life and serviceability.
Weight saving: RB Ring weighs 22.5 lbs each which weighs less than OE disc.
-Lighter weight = quicker pedal response and higher braking efficiency.
Disc surface is slotted vs. OE's plain finish:
-Help to escape the brake pad gases or other substances for more efficient braking performance.
Overall performance improvement and more durable than OE:
-Save maintenance/replacement cost (rotor and pads) and down time.


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