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Nissan OEM Radiator Engine Coolant Antifreeze

Manufacturer: Nissan / Infiniti
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Nissan L248SP Green Antifreeze/Coolant is an advanced formula antifreeze that has the same distinctive green, high quality, factory fill found in Nissan vehicles. Add directly to anti-freeze in radiator, in amounts indicated on label. Mix equal volumes of Nissan Genuine Engine Coolant and demineralized or distilled water to create a 50/50 mixture ratio. This mixture ratio ensures maximum cooling system efficiency and excellent corrosion protection. Refer to the vehicle's owner or service manual for specific cooling system service procedures.

Customer Questions


Is it a 50/50 mix or concentrated? - Reginald


No, you will need to add 50% water. The 999MP-L25500P is the 50/50 mix.

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