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Nissan OEM 999MP-GTRT00P G6 Transmission Fluid - Nissan GT-R R35

Manufacturer: Nissan / Infiniti
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$ 63 99

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R35 transmission oil is a specialist product, not an off the shelf D-Matic or Transmax ATF. A conventional ATF will in fact cause problems with the dual wet clutches. This is the 'key' to R35 transmission oil, keeping the clutches happy and healthy with a nice slick action, which is why Nissan have sacrificed lubricity and metal protection in the quest for the very best shift action and 'driver comfortable' clutch engagement. Sold as 1 Quart, 10 are required for complete refill.


Our new Compatibility checking feature is still being updated and revised. If you have questions about vehicle fitment, please contact us.

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