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Enkei RSM9 Racing Series Wheel Set - 18"

Manufacturer: Enkei
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Discontinued / No Longer Available
This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer, and it can no longer be ordered or purchased.


Manufacturer: Enkei
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Each Wheel Listed in the Options are 5x114.3 PCD and a 75mm Hub Bore Diameter

A tightly tuned engine will propel you to the head of the pack, but you can't hope to hold the pole position if you're lugging extra pounds around the track. Shave weight off your racer—and time off your best lap—by upgrading to a set of Enkei RSM9 Racing Wheels. Featuring 9 sleek spokes with deep side cuts, they add a stunning look without excess metal to bog down your powertrain. Though light on weight, the Enkei RSM9 line of racing rims is engineered for unflinching strength and steadfast stiffness. They're carved out of a solid block of aluminum using Enkei's DURA-FLOW M.A.T. technology—the same spin-casting process used to produce rims for Formula 1, WRC, Super Taikyu and other pro circuits. A coating of anti-skid tire paint keeps your slicks from slipping when you dig in your heels. And, the piano black finish contrasts sharply against the machined lip for a look that belongs in the winner's circle.


Certain finishes will cost more than others and are reflected in the price tagged beside the available models. The Front and Rear Options include 2 wheels each so that you may pick a staggered set (if available). 'No Thanks' is a Required Field. It must be selected if you wish to purchase just one option. Other Enkei Models are available to select from below and will include the same requirements and surcharges.







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