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Enkei Klamp Performance Series Wheel Set - 18"

Manufacturer: Enkei
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Discontinued / No Longer Available
This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer, and it can no longer be ordered or purchased.


Manufacturer: Enkei
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Each Wheel Listed in the Options are 5x114.3 PCD and a 72.6mm Hub Bore Diameter

It takes more than just tight driving skills and a tricked out engine to make your mark on the tuner scene. Your ride has to be truly unforgettable and that means stripping away the stale stock components and stepping up your style. And the best way to start is by swapping your stock rims for a set of Enkei Performance Klamp Wheels. Designed for maximum visual impact, the Enkei Klamp line of custom dubs features a split 5-spoke pattern, sleek finishes and a branded center cap for a look that grabs the attention of onlookers and never lets go. Born to turn heads and scream around turns, Enkei Klamp Wheels dish up bold style and track-grade stamina. Each rim is expertly engineered from premium aluminum and optimized for strength, stiffness and weight savings. To prove it, Enkei subjects them to their grueling Spec-E quality test with higher drop-point, rotary bending fatigue and dynamic radial fatigue standards than Japan's own JWL wheel requirements. It's what makes an Enkei an Enkei.


Certain finishes will cost more than others and are reflected in the price tagged beside the available models. The Front and Rear Options include 2 wheels each so that you may pick a staggered set (if available). 'No Thanks' is a Required Field. It must be selected if you wish to purchase just one option. Other Enkei Models are available to select from below and will include the same requirements and surcharges.







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