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CZP Silicone Complete Hose Kit, LHD - Nissan Z 2023+ RZ34

Manufacturer: CZP
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$ 649 00


CZP Molded Silicone Hoses are a direct replacement for stock OEM hoses. They are formed using OEM parts to ensure proper fitment.
The durability of Silicone has been proven, these cost less and will outlast factory rubber.

53-Piece Kit includes:

  • Silicone Radiator/Overflow Hose Kit (4 pieces)
  • Silicone Brake Booster/Vacuum Pump Hose Kit (3 pieces)
  • Silicone Oil Cooler Hose Kit (6 pieces)
  • Silicone PCV Hose Kit (3 pieces)
  • Silicone Intercooler Hose Kit (8 pieces)
  • Silicone Heat Exchanger Hose Kit (9 pieces)
  • Silicone Heater Core Hoses (2 pieces)
  • Silicone Coolant By-Pass Hoses (3 pieces)
  • Silicone Turbo Oil Return Hoses (2 pieces)
  • Silicone Turbo Coolant and Throttle Body Coolant Hose Kit (9 pieces)
  • Silicone Turbo Compressor Outlet and Throttle Body Couplers (4 pieces)


  • 4 Ply Quality Silicone
  • Fluorine Lined Where Necessary
  • Temperature Range -50°C to 260°C
  • Formed Using OEM Hoses
  • Outlasts Factory Rubber
  • Available in 3 Colors


If you have questions about vehicle fitment, please contact us.

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