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CZP Full-Flow Engine Oil Cooler Kit w/ Setrab Core - Nissan 300ZX Z32

Manufacturer: CZP
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$ 410 00


CZP Cooler Kits are Built to Order and Ship in 3-5 days
The CZP Oil Cooler Kits are essential for any VG30DETT and VG30DE equipped car that's going to see track time, abusive driving conditions, or high boost. Our oil cooler kits add full-flow oil cooling; arguably the best possible solution for keeping oil temps in check. With a variety of options including flow type and core size, these kits can be built to suit a mild street car as well as dedicated track cars!

Concept Z Performance 300ZX Engine Oil Cooler Kits fit all Nissan 300ZX Z32 TT, NA and NA-to-TT swap models equipped with a VG30DETT and VG30DE. Some custom or highly modified applications may require extra steps related to the oil line routing or core mounting.

These components include:

  • 1x Setrab Oil Cooler Core (19, and 25 row cores available)
  • 2x Setrab -8 AN to 22mm Port adapter fittings (for cooler core to AN lines)
  • 1x Mocal Sandwich Plate (thermostatic and non-thermostatic versions available)
  • 2x Mocal -8AN to 1/2in BSP adapter fittings (for the sandwich plate to AN lines)
  • 2x Dowty Seal 1/2in BSP (for Mocal sandwich plate fittings)
  • 1x CZP Z32 Oil Cooler Mounting Bracket
  • 1x CZP -8AN Braided Stainless Steel Oil Cooler Line Set
  • 1x CZP 300ZX Oil Cooler Install Hardware Kit (TT, NA, and NA>TT Specific)


What core size do you need?
The Setrab cores sizes offered are 19 Row (13" x 1 1/4" x 5 1/3") & 25 Row (13" x 1 1/4" x 7 1/2").
The 19 row oil cooler is great for a street car that occasionally sees spirited driving or even the occasional track day. For track cars and those in warmer climates we would highly recommend stepping up to one of the 25 row cores which is a great choice for cars that really need the extra cooling capacity.


Thermostatic or Non-Thermostatic Sandwich Adapter?
The MOCAL Oil Control Systems sandwich plates used in the CZP Oil Cooler kit are available in both standard full-flow and thermostatic versions. We recommend the thermostatic versions for street-driven vehicles, as these allow the engine oil to reach operating temperature and maintain it through almost all driving conditions. In general, the full-flow (non-thermostatic) version is recommended for track-only cars that need the most oil flow possible through the cooling core.

Please note: Non-Thermostatic Sandwich plates have switched to a new M22 fitting which does not require or include dowty seals, and this is indicated by the (22) stamp between the fittings on the sandwich plate. This change is inconsequential and actually simplifies installation, but we wanted you to be aware of the change nonetheless.


Our new Compatibility checking feature is still being updated and revised. If you have questions about vehicle fitment, please contact us.

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