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Rated 4.2/5 based on 6 customer reviews

Runs on paint, chipped on corners, overspray on the inside of covers, seems slapped together.

Mine came in good condition but as the other review said , one side paint was okay and the other side looked like it was painted with a rattle can, a lot of little bumps on the paint as if they didn't clean it up before painting, Performance wise , only time will tell how long these last

Im going to say I was extremely happy with these got them on and glad I did.

Solid built aluminum very clean all the hardware and serviceable unlike the stock plastic that go for $400.00 plus with shipping seriously Nissan. I payed for 1 day delivery came out to $359.00 don't regret the purchase at all. The paint on mine weren't show car ready but they are shinier and cleaner than the stock plastic every was LOL. Great product will recommend.

These valve covers are awesome! After getting them powder coated I replaced my leaky plastic ones and they hold up pretty well. Definitely a solid alternative especially for a show car

!!!!!!Highly Recommend Worth it!!!!!! I don’t write Reviews but This Valve Cover is Honestly Great!!!! The Paint Is Great , the Aluminum Material is way more Solid compared to the OEM Glass fiber Composite plastic. The price is Really Fair compared to the OEM and it came with brand new bolts, valves, And Gasket Already put in place. Great Job and Innovation. Plus The Customer Service was Friendly, Fast and Efficient.

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