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Rated 4.8/5 based on 4 customer reviews

High quality components, packaged well. 34 row did amazing this weekend on the auto-x course, temps barely went above 200. I found the hoses were a little long. I wasn’t a fan of the routing of the hoses, but you can blame that on the Nissan engineers, the guys at CZP did what they could with the space provided. I would recommend getting the protective covering, not for fire, but because the lines seem to rub on things in the tight spaces. Lines were pre-assembled and don’t leak. Great kit.

Great kit straight forward installation. Highly recommend.

Fantastic kit! Easy to install. The routing of the lines could be a little better and slightly shorter (mine have a little s-bend in them based on the routing and alignment under my long cold air intakes. The best part is the performance. I am seeing a drop in operating temperatures of about 40 degrees, which is huge down here in Texas. Under spirited driving and 90 degree+ weather, I was seeing temperatures in the 230-240 degree range, but after sustained 140 mph it never passed 195 deg.

Oil temperature remains at or below one hundred eighty during spirited driving with the 25 row thermostatic. Good quality and no issues while installing. I would recommend this oil cooler for the price.

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