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TRACK Electronics ConsultBT Nissan Consult Bluetooth Adapter

Product # CBT02

$ 90 00
$ 79 99

Product # CBT02
Product not eligible for promotional or discount codes.
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$ 90 00
$ 79 99

Product not eligible for promotional or discount codes.


ConsultBT allows your laptop or Android device to communicate with your vehicle's ECU to read and clear fault codes, view real-time sensor data, perform active tests, and more.

ConsultBT can be used in all vehicles that support Nissan's Consult protocol (not Consult II or Consult III). These are mostly vehicles built in the late '80s and the '90s, including (but not limited to):

  • 180SX/Silvia S13 (CA18 not supported)
  • 200SX/Silvia S14 & S15
  • Skyline R32, R33 & R34
  • 300ZX Z32 ('96 models and late '94-'96 models with 16 bit ECUs may not be supported)
  • Pulsar N14, N15 and GTiR
  • Before purchasing, make sure that diagnostic port in your vehicle looks like this:

ConsultBT can be used with the following apps & software suites:

We do not recommend this adapter for realtime tuning with software like Nistune, as the higher latency of a wireless Bluetooth adapters makes it too slow for realtime tuning.


  • Locate your car's Consult port. On the Z32, it's right next to the hood latch pull.

  • Plug in ConsultBT and turn the ignition on or start the car. A solid red light and flashing blue light will indicate the adapter is powered and ready to be connected. It will only draw power from the vehicle when the ignition is on, so it does not need to be removed when not in use.

  • Pair "ConsultBT_v2" (or "ConsultBT" for a version 1 device) with your laptop, phone or tablet using the passcode 1234.
  • Configure the software to use your adapter. For Android apps, select "ConsultBT_v2" from the device list. For Windows software, use the Device Manager to identify which COM port to select.


  • If you receive an INI Error, please try starting the car. Some cars don't like to communicate via Consult when not running.

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