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Greddy X KW Performance Coilovers - Nissan 370Z / Infiniti G35 G37 Q40 Q60 RWD

Manufacturer: Greddy
Product # 14026102

$ 1,377 50
$ 1,377 50

Manufacturer: Greddy
Product # 14026102
Product not eligible for promotional or discount codes.
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$ 1,377 50
$ 1,377 50

Product not eligible for promotional or discount codes.


Building on the success of our Formula Drift racing program with technical partner, KW Suspension, GReddy is pleased to announce the introduction of our new performance coilover line. By collaborating with renowned suspension manufacturer, KW, GReddy can offer high-quality, tuned systems at an affordable price to enthusiasts.

GReddy Performance Coilovers by KW Suspension combine the best from around world for your Japanese import vehicle. Designed for the optimum balance of traction, comfort, and adjustability for American roads and tracks, these groundbreaking systems incorporate years of Japanese tuning knowledge with highest-quality German innovation and construction standards.

All systems are manufactured exclusively in KW’s state of the art factories. The combination of KW’s latest advanced low friction, pressure-resistant twin-tube damping technology, with unique GReddy specifications for damping and linear spring rates provide the ultimate in quality, performance and durability.

Japanese Tuning Knowledge / German Manufacturing Techniques and Technology / Designed specifically for American Roads and Tracks.


  • Externally Adjustable Damping
  • Adjustable Aluminum Spherical Bearing Upper Mount
  • Low Profile Helper Spring Set-up
  • Hardened Chromed Piston Rod
  • Low Friction Twin-Tube Dampening
  • Compression Bump Stop with Integrated Dust Boot
  • Height Strength Race Spring
  • Corrosion-resistant Composite Spring Seats
  • Galvanized Strut with Continuous Threads

Spring Rate: (Linear Front & Rear)

  • Front: 10.0 K
  • Rear: 9.0 K

Adjustment Range:

  • Front: 15-50mm
  • Rear: 10-45mm

Includes all nceessary componets, adjustment tool and installation instructions.


Our new Compatibility checking feature is still being updated and revised. If you have questions about vehicle fitment, please contact us.

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