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CZP 300ZX 12.75" Upgrade Adapter Kit, w/ 350Z Track Rotors 90-96 Z32

Manufacturer: CZP
Product # K2x.42076.41Z32

$ 278 00

Manufacturer: CZP
Product # K2x.42076.41Z32


$ 278 00


Improve your braking and fill in the gap of the small stock brake kit. This upgrade lets you use your stock calipers with larger 12.75inch 350Z Track Model Rotors. Larger brake rotors, even with stock calipers, can provide a significant improvement in braking over stock rotors. The larger diameter moves the caliper further from the center of the hub, which gives the caliper more leverage thus increasing brake torque (with the same pedal pressure and pad friction). The larger rotors also have more thermal mass, which reduces brake fade. The big brake rotor upgrade is a very cost effective upgrade that provides real improvements to braking.

This kit will only work on 17"+ wheels (offset also matters, so in some cases a spacer may be required), this will not work on a stock 16" wheel. This kit will also not work on a 1990 Non-Turbo, because 1990 Non-Turbos use a smaller caliper (26mm vs 30mm on all other models). Does not fit with R32 GT-R Calipers.

Kit Includes

4 Long Adapter 10.9 Grade Bolts
4 Short Caliper 10.9 Grade Bolts
4 Lock Washers
2 Aluminum Caliper Adapters
2 350Z Track 12.75inch Rotors

Due to the large size of the rotor compared to the original 300ZX caliper, there is a 5mm overhang. This does not effect performance, we recommend shaving the top portion of the pad to avoid squeaking.


Our new Compatibility checking feature is still being updated and revised. If you have questions about vehicle fitment, please contact us.

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