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AAM Competition Cast Widemouth Full Downpipes, Straight Race, Resonated, or HFC High Flow Cat - Nissan Z / Infiniti Q50, Q60 3.0t VR30DDTT

Manufacturer: AAM Competition
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Additional resources:
EPA Tampering Policy
SEMA Emissions Requirements by State


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The all-new AAM Competition Q50/Q60 3.0T Cast Widemouth Full Downpipes - Race are the best performing and most durable downpipes on the market! Exponentially increase your exhaust flow and add substantial power by eliminating the 4 OEM high-density catalytic converters. During testing the AAM Competition Q50/Q60 3.0T Cast Widemouth Full Downpipes components provided gains across the entire power band with up to a truly amazing 50 HP gain on 3.0T 300 HP models and up to 25 HP on the Red Sport 400 HP models with no additional modifications (though we recommend using the AAM Competition 3.0TT Q60/Q50S 3” True Dual Exhaust System to reach your full potential and create the ultimate exhaust setup). The AAM Competition Widemouth Downpipes not only increase power and torque across the entire RPM band, but also provide faster turbo spool.

The AAM Competition Q50/Q60 3.0T Cast Widemouth Full Downpipes perform better and are not prone to cracking like the alternatives offered by the competition - due to the fully CAD designed wide cast primary section. By casting the primary portion of the downpipes and having an integrated V-Band that connects to the factory turbocharger, rather than a welded v-band, we've significantly increased durability. Many downpipes fail at the weld located at the v-band that connects to the turbocharger, as welded seams are prone to failure in high heat. By utilizing a one piece widemouth cast design in robust 304 Stainless Steel the AAM Competition Q50/Q60 3.0T Cast Widemouth Full Downpipes also have an advantage by not being limited by the design restraints of hand fabricated construction. 3D Cad software is utilized to blueprint the inlet and outlets with smoother features and geometry to optimize exhaust flow. Not only do the widemouth cast primary portion of the downpipes increase exhaust flow over the competition, they also allow the AAM Competition Q50/Q60 3.0T Cast Widemouth Full Downpipes to withstand the intense heat cycles they are forced to endure - significantly increasing reliability.

  • Big horsepower increase through the entire power band (up to 50 HP gain on 3.0T Premium and up to 25 HP on Red Sport models)
  • Drastically improved turbo spool and throttle response
  • Cast widemouth primary pipe segment for unparalleled strength and reliability over the competition
  • Full 3" T304 stainless construction for maximum flow
  • Improved exhaust note - for a sportier, throatier sound
  • True stock like OEM fitment requires no modification to surrounding components
  • Compatible with factory exhaust system and aftermarket exhaust setups
  • Includes all necessary hardware

The AAM Competition Q50/Q60 3.0T Cast Widemouth Full Downpipes perfectly replace the factory downpipes without the need for any modification to surrounding components. Full 3" construction allows for maximum flow while offering a more pronounced, throaty exhaust note under wide open throttle yet are subdued at idle and while cruising. A perfectly balanced sound for the ultimate all around sport cars!

These downpipes are undeniably the best modification for those looking to seriously increase the performance of their vehicle.

*NOTE: this component currently has a 10 - 15 business day lead time. Current product photos reflect the resonated version of the full downpipes. Updated product photos coming soon.*

  • 2016+ Q50S Sedan (3.0TT) - VR30DDTT
  • 2016+ Q50S Red Sedan (3.0TT) - VR30DDTT
  • 2017+ Infiniti Q60 Coupe (3.0TT) – VR30DDTT


Our new Compatibility checking feature is still being updated and revised. If you have questions about vehicle fitment, please contact us.

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